This Portfolio Site


In order to make the best portfolio website possible I started some research on other UX/Product designer portfolios.

I found that portfolios usually showcase the best works of the designer and their story in an easy-to-read manner. Usually, there will be 2-4 projects/case studies listed on the portfolio. Each project section has a detailed description with pictures/examples of their designing process as they progressed through their work.

Their story gives the reader a little background of their career and their interests outside of design. This is usually accompanied by a picture of the designer as well.

Project Focus

Now that I understood what was most common in portfolios I had to decide what was important for me and my readers; customizable, neat/easy to navigate, tiles/buttons for projects, custom domain, host service for domain(price point).

With all of these factors, I found my choices limited to several template sites such as Square Space, Wix, WordPress, Word Flow, etc. Though each of these services costs upwards of $100 to host a custom domain. So if I wanted to bring the price point down my only other choice was to hard code it myself via HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Iterations Via Figma

I first started wire framing in Figma to get a rough idea of my portfolio pages. Though, with my design skills being greater than my coding I quickly had to redesign something more simple to codeā€¦

After much work and file organization I was able to publish my code on github pages to be hosted for free.

Final Designs (Look around :) )

The end result was more simple than I imagined but definitely still a great site with room to grow!

If you'd like what you see feel free to email me. :)