CATA Bus Mobile App


My Role

UX Designer, UX Researcher


8 Weeks

Centre Area Transportation Authority, CATA, has a mobile application that lets its users check the bus schedule for specific times and stops. Though, with its poorly structured interface and no time schedules for bus stops cause users to avoid this app.

I was part of an ambitious team to correct these issues with an entire app redesign.


My team decided to use an agile frame work to maximize our workflow. We started by doing preliminary research during the first week. Then the following sprints would be in 2-week intervals.

Current Design

There are several features that I wanted to carry over to our redesign from the current live application. These included the starring for a favorite route and map view.

Research & Design Phase

User Personas; My group based our redesign on three user personas; student, faculty, and visitor. From these personas I developed a low-fidelity prototype to start our exploration.

With the paper prototype we conducted live user feedback sessions with 20 individuals matching the persona types. During these sessions I would ask the participants what their assumptions were when viewing and interacting with the paper prototype.

Through these interviews I learned that most users wanted to have the landing page as the map view instead of a menu select screen. They also wanted more variation between the bus schedule page and the favorite routes page.

From this point I created another prototype, via Adobe XD, that reflected the findings of the live user feedback sessions. With this new prototype I conducted several sessions.

Some findings from the sessions were as follows;

  • Scroll function under ETA menu to look at more bus arrival times.
  • “View Stop” highlighting the nearest bus stop to you as well as an indicator on which direction you should be going on the route.
  • Some pages have a looping issue.
  • Add different icons to specify favorites/search bars.
  • Possibly add an on boarding tutorial that greets, informs, and engages users to the application.

I then conducted google surveys that collected quantitative data. Our of the 85 results I received, I learned that 64% of users wanted a more “all in one view” that includes most of the app functions from a single screen. 70% want a side menu bar that includes bus lists, favorite list, and settings. And 67% would want a bookmark menu.

User Feedback Impacts

From all of the user feedback gathered it was decided to focus on three main issues.

  • Bus route information based on user location
  • Frequently used routes function
  • Settings function to further customize the user experience

The prototype was redesigned to reflect the above points & feedback from users. The reformatting and layout of the landing screen was the most tedious process since we wanted to keep a simplistic view that prioritized key information based off of the user’s current location. The bus route index page was separated from the map to keep this vision and now lives in the side menu.

Final Results

The redesign of the CATA Bus application has had positive impacts to user experience within the community and I believe there is still a lot of room for this application to grow in future projects.

  • Load time for the redesigned app decreased 32%
  • App crashing rate decreased 76%
  • User Downloads increased 42%

If you'd like what you see feel free to email me. :)